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Facts & Features

  • Unlike other combs, the LiceMeister comb maintains 100% integrity after boiling

  • The LiceMeister comb has a hygienic, permanently sealed handle

  • Highly polished, precision spaced, stainless steel teeth are permanently locked into the sturdy plastic handle

  • Smooth handle design with no jagged edges or points to snag while combing dry, wet or damp hair

  • The first and only comb to meet the NPA's quality standards and receive the NPA's endorsement

  • The cost-effective, reusable tool for the entire family fully guaranteed to last through the school-aged years

  • Fully Guaranteed

  • Provides a safe and effective non-chemical treatment alternative for children who are at higher risk because of other pre-existing or existing medical conditions

  • An effective option for people choosing to avoid pesticide treatments

  • Prevents unnecessary and direct exposures to ineffective and potentially harmful pesticides

  • An earth-friendly alternative to address increasing concerns over lice treatments polluting our environment and water supplies

  • Provides the rational solution to resistant lice

  • The only brand name that does not promote pesticides, other chemicals, sprays, lotions, repellents or unproven concoctions

  • Enables regular screening and early detection in addition to thorough removal of lice and nits

  • The cost-effective, reusable tool for the entire family fully guaranteed to last through the school-aged years.  Parents can remove lice and nits from their kids and themselves

  • The comb is backed by the NPA's nationally recognized website, e-mail and website support

  • The NPA is a non-profit organization independent of lice treatment manufacturers.  Proceeds from the LiceMeister comb, kit and educational resources support its programs of outreach, prevention and research

Success Stories & Reviews

It works without the need for Chemicals!


Amazon Review

My daughter caught a bad case of lice. I freaked out and had no idea how to handle it, so I called in a professional nit-picker. When she came, she used this specific comb to comb her entire head. She parted her hair in several sections and combed through one small section at a time.

It took 2 hours and no chemicals, but the lady got all bugs and nits out! She recommended I buy this comb and comb her hair once a week as a preventative measure.

This thing is a life savor. Its teeth are perfectly positioned, so it gets all the nits and bugs out without pulling out my daughters hair. Make sure the hair is slightly wet for best results.

Attached is a picture of everything this comb removed from my daughters knee length (yes, knee length!) hair, as well as the way we parted it, and then what the nits look like when they are caught in the comb.


Amazon Review

I tried the Nit Free Lice terminator comb first, because I order it and the LiceMeister comb at the same time and the terminator arrived first.
But hands down I prefer the LiceMeister comb.

As a person with long hair, the smooth and sealed plastic handle of this comb make a huge difference and pulled out significantly less hair. The all metal combs have a weld that isn't sealed and my hair gets caught and tugged right on out of my scalp. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch with every pull.

Life saver


Amazon Review

This comb saved my life when my daughter had lice. I used the wet combing method recommended by the nice lice lady blog. Another reviewer here recommended it. Lots of conditioner on damp hair and just comb with the LiceMeister in sections. Do this every other day and on the off days use your hair dryer on medium on their hair when dry. I had tried olive oil, nix, and I couldn’t get all of them. My daughter has very very thick hair. This comb with that method worked in less than a week. Keep calm, you will beat this.

Throw away the ones that come with the OTC treatments.


Amazon Review

We had our first case of head lice this summer. I was chasing my tail trying to use the cheaply made combs that came with the OTC medication kits. I bought this one after reading a number of good reviews and I'm so glad I did. It picked up so many more nits than the others. I recommend it to any other mother dealing with the frustrations of a head lice infestation.

Product Reviews


No Nit


How Not

to be Surprised

by Head Lice!

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About the NPA

Serving the public since 1983

The National Pediculosis Association is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of setting the highest possible public health standards for children as they relate to the communicability and treatment of head lice. 


The NPA was established in 1983 to protect children & their families from unnecessary use and abuse of potentially harmful pesticide treatments for head lice.


Pediculosis (the medical term for an infestation of lice) is a public health opportunity to teach important lessons including communicable disease preparedness, responsible personal behaviors, environmental health and the importance of learning about pharmaceutical remedies before we use them on our children and ourselves.

All proceeds from the LiceMeister® comb allow the NPA to maintain independence from product manufacturers and stay loyal to its mission to protect children from the misuse and abuse of pesticides for lice.

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