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Meet the Comb

The LiceMeister® comb is an accepted treatment alternative to pesticides, designed and constructed for reliable and thorough removal of head lice and their eggs (nits). The highly polished, precision spaced, surgical quality stainless steel teeth are permanently locked into its sturdy plastic handle.

Unlike the all-metal combs, the LiceMeister comb is
rustproof & the handle is completely sealed & hygienic!
The LiceMeister comb is FDA cleared as a 510K medical device.
Imitated but never matched!

The LiceMeister Comb is the Gold Standard Lice & Nit Removal Comb

Combing is a scientifically reliable method to remove all lice and nits – which is another way to say it can end an infestation.


Combing is the safest and most cost-effective treatment strategy that accomplishes what chemicals cannot.


Combing enables families to be self-reliant, proactive, and preventive. It allows for regular screening and early detection at home. 

The LiceMeister comb provides a non-chemical public health approach & has been the favorite of parents, children, teachers and school nurses across the country.
"While chemical treatments, pediculicides, and broad spectrum antibiotics develop resistance and potentially adverse health effects, nothing compares to the kindness of a comb."
- Deborah Z. Altschuler
   (NPA president)
The LiceMeister comb facilitated a First Place MVP2 Award: "It was the first major program to convince physicians to change the medications they prescribed based on environmental concerns."
The MVP2 Award honors the most innovative &  successful pollution prevention programs in the country. 
The LiceMeister comb was featured as a pesticide treatment alternative at a global meeting of the Stockholm Convention.

The comb that launched a nit removal business revolution

Over 2 decades of  proven market quality

The combing device researchers choose for data collection accuracy

Meets parent demand for safe, effective, non- chemical alternative to pesticide treatments

The safest choice for resistant lice

The safest choice for resistant lice

Precision design, highly polished stainless-steel teeth, no sharp edges like other combs


Large easy to grip hygienically sealed handle that won't rust, collect debris or cut the hair


Packaging includes patented lice comb cleaner

Comes with  educational LiceMeister Critter Card to help parents distinguish lice & nits and confusing hair debris

The responsible

health & wellness treatment for Children with

head lice

Sustainable & environmentally friendly

CE marked for conformity with health, safety, & environmental protection standards

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