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How to Comb

Learn how to use The LiceMeister® Comb for nit and lice removal in 3 easy steps!

The NPA developed The LiceMeister® Comb and its enclosed educational

"Critter Card" to enable you to take these 3 important steps at home:

Warning: The LiceMeister® Comb is not intended for use

by children and should be stored out of reach.

  • Use the LiceMeister comb on clean, damp & untangled hair.
  • You may choose to use a non-toxic hair conditioner to assist combing.
  • Comb through the entire head. Examine the comb for lice & nits (lice eggs).
  • See Critter Card for guidance.
  • If lice or nits are detected, go to Step 2.

  • Divide & clip the hair into sections.
  • Taking a small amount of hair at a time, place the comb against the scalp pulling the comb completely through that section of hair from root to end.

  • Dip the comb in a cup of water between passes through the hair.
  • Or wash it under running water as needed to remove lice, nits & debris during combing.

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