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NPA Recommends Parents Be Informed Before Outbreaks Occur.


Parents naturally put their children first, constantly seeking information to keep their families nurtured and safe. But when it comes to head lice, they’re often confronted with conflicting guidance and misinformation—leading them to make potentially risky and ineffective treatment decisions. Among the hazards are serious health effects from repeated exposure to various pesticide remedies, treatment failures, lice resistance, and chronic infestations that make parents and children feel desperate and overwhelmed.

“Children's exposures to pesticides should be limited as much as possible.”


Roberts JR, et al.  

American Academy

of Pediatrics

Each year since 1985!

The beginning of a year-long awareness campaign sponsored by the National Pediculosis Association (NPA). This nonprofit organization is dedicated to setting the highest possible public health standards, with a specific focus on protecting children from lice and associated risky treatments that contain pesticides. The NPA urges parents to screen regularly, so they can be first to know that their child may be infested. 

The NPA advises parents to discontinue the use of any treatment at the earliest sign of failure and to avoid using other chemicals. Manual removal is the best option whenever possible, especially when treatment products have failed.

“An informed parent community is the best strategy. It eliminates the need for a note from school because it empowers parents to be the first to detect a child’s infestation and manage it successfully and safely at home. Knowledgeable parents are confident and able to send their children to school without pediculosis,” 


To help parents, the NPA has published “The Deceptive Dozen,” with twelve important tips to avoid misleading information on head lice, available at 

“To think you can empower a community to screen, detect early, diagnose accurately, safely remove infestations, prevent & protect children from direct repeated exposures to both lice & risky pesticide treatments.  The health & wellness benefits of a $12.00 comb are immeasurable!”

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