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About the NPA

Serving the public since 1983

The National Pediculosis Association is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of setting the highest possible public health standards for children as they relate to the communicability and treatment of head lice. 


The NPA was established in 1983 to protect children & their families from unnecessary use and abuse of potentially harmful pesticide treatments for head lice.


Pediculosis (the medical term for an infestation of lice) is a public health opportunity to teach important lessons including communicable disease preparedness, responsible personal behaviors, environmental health and the importance of learning about pharmaceutical remedies before we use them on our children and ourselves.

All proceeds from the LiceMeister® comb allow the NPA to maintain independence from product manufacturers and stay loyal to its mission to protect children from the misuse and abuse of pesticides for lice.


NPA's Official Website

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