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Ron White - an Unsung Hero

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

The late Ron White from Anderson, South Carolina was an unsung hero. He was the extremely creative person who generously volunteered his time and ability to find a way for our small nonprofit, in the absence of financial means, to develop and market a quality lice and nit removal comb for children with pediculosis. We called it the LiceMeister comb and it set a high new standard for such medical devices around the world. It was because of Ron's help that millions of children have and continue to be protected from the toxic effects of pesticide treatments that otherwise would have been repeatedly applied to their scalps. The LiceMeister comb became the comb for all reasons. It works to screen, detect, identify and remove head lice and their eggs. It is easily cleaned and families as well as medical professionals can put it to work for many

years to come. There's no way to fully measure the enormity of Ron White's contribution to child health and wellness. I See a Hero - Father's Day Song - Bing video

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